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Electronics news

Nordic nRF9161 SIP in Feather form factor with data support

Conexio Technologies has introduced an updated board. The Conexio Stratus Pro is a microcontroller board for cellular-based IoT applications in a Feather form factor.

It is powered by Nordic Semiconductor's advanced nRF9161 cellular modem. Its versatility, reliability and ease of use make it the best solution for IoT developers worldwide.

With LTE-M, NB-IoT and GPS connectivity in a compact form factor, Stratus Pro ensures your devices stay connected in any environment. It provides real-time data and location tracking while minimizing power consumption. DECT NR+ readiness ensures compatibility with new cellular standards, enhanced performance and durability for IoT projects.

With the nPM1300 PMIC module and fuel level sensor, you can remotely monitor the Stratus Pro's battery and charging status.

The Conexio Stratus Pro also features a USB Type-C port to expand its connectivity options. This port allows you to easily connect a wide range of devices and accessories, making charging, debugging and programming a simple matter.