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Electronics news

DuPont's Pyralux ML Series of laminates

DuPont has introduced the Pyralux ML series of double-sided metal laminates, a unique addition to the extensive Pyralux family of laminates for flexible and flex-rigid PCBs.

Designed for optimal thermal management, they are the ideal solution for markets such as aerospace and defense, electric vehicles (EVs), AI-related networks and other electronic devices.

Unlike other products, Pyralux ML contains metal alloys such as copper-nickel (CuNi) using Kapton's all-polyimide dielectric technology. The alloys provide the necessary thermal resistance for heating, thermal conductivity for improved heat transfer, resistivity for increased heat transfer, and thermoelectric properties required for a specific application.

Pyralux ML laminates are available with different dielectric and foil types in various thicknesses and designs.