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Optical BGA Inspection System from INSPECTIS

The popular BGA inspection system from INSPECTIS comes with the new XM lens, which magnifies the screen up to 285x compared to the original standard lens of 200x.

The INSPECTIS BGA lens kit consists of a standard or XM lens and a probe tip (standard or small).
The new higher power XM lens is compatible with both the standard and small probe tip, which has a 27% smaller area.

The new XM lens is identified by the following part numbers:
- BGA-004-XM with standard probe tip;
- BGA-005-XM with small tip.

INSPECTIS offers a wide range of kits/sets to meet both basic and advanced inspection requirements.

The INSPECTIS BGA Inspection System is available in two variants: Basics and ProX, which include the powerful INSPECTIS BGA Inspection software, analysis and documentation.