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Electronics news

Roulette made from ESP32 DevKit board and LEDs

Element14 Presents host Mark Donners has created a miniature roulette game with realistic animation, sound and addictive gameplay.

Wanting to create his own, much smaller version, element14 Presents program host Mark Donners designed and constructed a fully digital version out of LEDs. In addition to the LEDs and the ESP32 DevKit microcontroller board, Mark Donners added a speaker, audio board, and a button for player interaction.

The ESP32 stores MP3 files in the SPIFFS file system, which means that through the I2S interface, audio data can be easily decoded and sent to the audio board. This also allows Donners to extend/modify the sounds played by his system with just a firmware update.

You can see more about how Donners created a mini-version of roulette in his video on the element14 Presents YouTube channel.