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Electronics news

Arduino and Silicon Labs unveiled the Nano Matter board

A few months ago, Arduino announced a collaboration with Silicon Labs and introduced the new Nano Matter board.

The Arduino Nano Matter has the same 18 x 45 millimeter form factor as other Arduino boards. The microcontroller used is Silicon Labs' MGM2405 multi-protocol wireless SoC, which contains an Arm Cortex M33 and a 2.4GHz radio.

If you build an IoT device using the Arduino Nano Matter board, your smartphone can provide and configure it to connect to Google Nest Hub, a voice-controlled speaker with many different features and a 7-inch screen.

The board has a built-in RGB LED, two buttons, an antenna chip, and a USB-C connector for power and data transfer. Arduino has announced a price of $25, but the board is not yet available. If you'd like to learn more about the board, sign up to receive notifications on Arduino's website at https://arduino.ru.