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Cadence partners with Broadcom to set new standards of excellence

Cadence Design Systems announced a long-term partnership with Broadcom to integrate advanced AI-based design methodologies to accelerate the development of 3nm and 5nm designs.

Utilizing Cadence's Cerebrus Intelligent Chip Explorer, Broadcom's business units have achieved significant improvements in productivity, energy efficiency and design footprint.

With the enhanced capabilities of Cadence Cerebrus, Broadcom has been able to automate tasks using AI to reduce lead times. For example, the plan search feature helps to automatically determine the optimal chip design plan. The ability to reuse models using AI allows Broadcom to apply previous knowledge to new designs. The easy-to-use interface provides interactive analytics to quickly gain valuable insights from PPA (Personal Package Archive) design data and simplify debugging.

"With Cadence Cerebrus' AI-driven capabilities, Broadcom has successfully reduced manual tasks, allowing Broadcom to focus on more important strategic work," said Dr. Chin-Chee Teng, senior vice president and general manager of Cadence's Digital & Signoff Group. "Today's designs are very complex, and through our ongoing collaboration, we are committed to ensuring that Broadcom can leverage the power of AI to bring new designs to market faster."