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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Manual

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system is an inspection used to analyze printed circuit boards.

The non-contact method of defect detection is performed by the system automatically using software algorithms after visual images are received. This technology has become the basis for detecting problems early in the manufacturing process.

Delving into the essence of an automatic inspection system, we encounter two basic but complex components: the optical system and the software algorithm. These elements work in tandem to provide a comprehensive inspection solution. The path from image acquisition to PCB quality decision is the result of technological synergy between the two components.

The optical system of the AOI machine is a "watchful eye" designed to capture the most intricate details of PCBs. Good lighting is essential for clear images and defect detection, and the lenses in AOI systems serve to focus the light.

The AOI camera provides the detailed images needed for inspection. Today's systems utilize high-resolution cameras to detect the smallest discrepancies on printed circuit boards.

Imaging technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The advent of more sensitive sensors and higher resolution cameras will enable AOI systems in the future to detect even the smallest anomalies with greater accuracy.