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Electronics news

High-speed NVMe and multi-gigabit Ethernet to Raspberry Pi 5

52Pi has released a new add-on for the Raspberry Pi 5 that utilizes the PCI Express board's capabilities for high-speed non-volatile memory (NVMe) storage and multi-gigabit Ethernet: Product W01 U2500.

The W01 is a universal HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 that combines NVMe SSD expansion capabilities with USB 2.5G networking capabilities. It is equipped with Realtek RTL8156BG chipset and provides fast data transfer and high network performance. With the W01, users can expand memory by connecting NVMe SSDs, which improves data access and system responsiveness.

A built-in USB 2.5G NIC provides high-speed network connectivity for demanding applications and data streaming. The W01 has various features including a hollow design for cooling, gold-plated PCB for better electrical performance, LED disk activity indicators and compatibility with the Raspberry Pi HAT format. It is also designed with energy efficiency in mind and supports Plug-and-Play.

Specifications: dimensions 85x56x15.15mm, power supply: +5V 650mA for NIC.