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Spark Analyzer from ElektroThing

Spark Analyzer is an innovative ESP32 powered, USB Type-C Power Delivery (UCPD) compliant device designed to monitor and control voltage levels, log data and analyze power consumption through a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

The Spark Analyzer plugs into a UCPD-compatible outlet or power supply. The compact form factor ensures flexibility and convenience, making voltage monitoring and data logging accessible and hassle-free.

Key features of the Spark Analyzer:

1. Compatible with USB-C Power Delivery, making it versatile for a variety of devices and applications.
2. Wireless control and data logging - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces.
3. Adjustable Voltage: Precise control of voltage level with options according to project needs.
4. Compact and Sleek Design. Easily connects to UCPD compatible power supplies without the need for additional hardware.
5. Power Analyzer.


1. Microcontroller: ESP32-C3.
2. Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n.
3. Bluetooth: BLE 4.2.
4. Flash memory: 4 MB.
5. Programming: Built-in JTAG controller.
7. Output: CC6904SO-10A | Current sensor: Hall effect current sensor.
8. Output enable: DMP3017SFG-7 | FET.
9. Power supply: TPS62175DQCT | 500mA 3.3V SMPS.

Spark Analyzer Mobile App is under development.