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Electronics news

Key Foundry and Vishay enter into a mutually beneficial agreement

Korean company Key Foundry has signed a long-term agreement with Vishay Intertechnology Inc. to supply discrete products for power MOSFETs characterized by high switching speed and reliability in high-voltage and high-current modes.

Vishay's power semiconductors are used in automotive DC-DC converters, battery management systems, HVAC control systems, LED lighting, and consumer and industrial products such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and VR/AR.

Key Foundry and Vishay have signed a long-term agreement to provide foundry services for power MOSFETs. They are scheduled to begin mass production in 2024. The agreement will provide Vishay with a reliable source of foundry services for MOSFET production and Key Foundry with a major customer for discrete automotive power products.