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Electronics news

Nordson Quadra 5 X-ray PCB integrity inspection system

British electronics manufacturer Jaltek Systems has acquired the Nordson Quadra 5 inspection system from Cupio Ltd.

The unit utilizes X-ray technology to inspect the internal structure and integrity of printed circuit boards. The Quadra 5 provides high performance and ease of use for 2D and 3D radiography. It captures high-resolution images, enables detailed inspection and analysis, and identifies defects, contaminants and inconsistencies in products, ensuring that only the highest quality products reach the market. The machine is fast and efficient, increasing productivity and providing higher throughput.

Steve Pittom, CEO of Jaltek, emphasized the importance of the X-ray inspection system, "The Quadra 5 system is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage in the industry. We need Industry 4.0 technologies to deliver even higher productivity and responsiveness to our customers. We will continue our partnership with Cupio."

Cupio delivers innovative inspection, measurement and test solutions to electronics manufacturers across the UK. The company's training and support services ensure that systems are quickly implemented into customers' production facilities.