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Electronics news

MacDermid Alpha launches a new package authentication process

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a leader in integrated technologies and materials for the electronics industry, has developed an anti-counterfeiting system.

The authentication function will become part of the packaging labeling process. It will be used for individual brands, including Alpha and Kester. At the initial stage, lead-free solder pastes and fluxes will be included in the jar packaging. Other components will be used over time. This step was taken in response to the large number of counterfeit products in Asia. The new system went into effect earlier this month to ensure customers use genuine MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions products.

According to a report by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), counterfeiting of industrial materials in China is a serious problem, with a high risk of counterfeit products in sectors such as the production of automotive parts, electrical equipment and construction materials.

Protection against counterfeit will allow you to verify the authenticity of the purchase. Buyers will be able to confirm the unique serial number of their purchase by scanning a QR tag using a mobile phone. To facilitate the use of the new system, all buyers will be provided with a guide.