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Electronics news

Infineon and Archetype AI collaborate to develop physical AI

Infineon Technologies AG and Archetype AI Inc. have signed a strategic partnership agreement to accelerate the development of AI sensor chips.

Archetype AI, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is developing a basic model of physical AI. The new form of AI is capable of perceiving, understanding and reasoning about the world around us. Infineon, dubbed "Large Behavioral Model" (LBM) by Archetype AI, will be the first company to use the LBM AI developer platform to create AI agents.

Sensors created by Infineon using the LBM platform enable devices such as TVs, smart speakers and smart home appliances to understand people and the world around them. The devices automatically trigger and provide information at the right time. Users can control the devices with gestures. At the same time, the devices instantly respond to commands. They turn on and off depending on whether a person is around or not, which saves energy and contributes to decarbonization.