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Electronics news

POLYN joins Medicalps to develop health monitoring ICs

POLYN Technology has become a full partner of Medicalps, a medical device manufacturer. POLYN, a fabless company, is a provider of neuromorphic analog signal processing (NASP) technologies and products.

NeuroSense is a tiny artificial intelligence chip from Medicalps that processes heart rate and other sensor data while consuming 100 times less power and delivering much higher accuracy than its peers.

At the heart of NeuroSense is POLYN's neuromorphic analog signal processor, which processes heart rate data with high accuracy in both non-motion and active motion. Neuromorphic computing essentially involves assembling artificial neurons to function based on human brain principles.

"Through Medicalps, POLYN has gained access to government healthcare institutions, universities, associations and private medical device manufacturers," said Alexander Timofeev, founder and CEO of POLYN Technology. "This is a unique opportunity to enter the wearable device and healthcare markets, continue to improve NeuroSense and present revolutionary solutions in wearable devices and healthcare.