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Electronics news

Garlock to showcase WavePro dielectric material at MAPCON 2023

Garlock announced the release of WP204 low-loss dielectric material for elements operating at RF, microwave and mmHF frequencies, for applications with a dielectric constant (Dk) of 20.4 and a dissipation factor (Df) of 0.010.

"Utilizing dielectrics with higher Dk allows us to reduce the footprint and weight of many RF products," said Carl Geoka, senior manager of business development at Garlock. "We are pleased to exhibit in India with our partner, Icon Electromatic. There is significant activity in this country for innovative RF developments in aerospace, 6G and several other sectors that will benefit from specialty dielectrics with high Dk."

The annual Microwave, Antennas and Propagation Conference (MAPCON) - India's premier RF and microwave exhibition opened from December 11 and will run until December 14, 2023 in Ahmedabad, India. Visitors to Icon Electromatic's booth will be able to learn more about the properties of WavePro dielectric material and how it can be used to make conformal surfaces and 3D molds for new designs.