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AI-Thinker is a Chinese company specializing in the development and production of modules and devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). It was founded in 2013 and in a short time has become one of the leading suppliers of IoT solutions in the world. AI-Thinker's main products are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS modules, as well as other components required to build IoT networks and devices.
AI-Thinker is committed to innovation and is constantly developing new technologies and products to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving IoT market. Its products are widely used in various industries including smart home, industrial automation, medical devices and many other fields.
AI-Thinker is also known for its flexible solutions and high level of product quality. The company actively cooperates with customers around the world, providing customized solutions and support at all stages of the project, making it a reliable and sought-after partner in the field of IoT technologies.