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86PCB is JY Electronic’s new brand offering a complete PCB service including design, manufacturing, assembly, reverse engineering, inspection and testing. With over two decades of experience in the PCB industry since 1998, we specialize in high precision and specialty PCB materials including HDI PCB multilayer, Isola Rogers, Teflon, and more.
Save time and effort by choosing 86PCB for all your PCB needs. Whether you require prototype or mass production, we provide seamless integration of PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly from China, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Take advantage of our robust quality control system and certifications such as TS16949, UL, RoHS, CE, ISO, etc.
We conduct flying probe testing and electronic testing for PCBs, as well as IQC, AOI, functional testing, QA for PCBA, ensuring first-class quality and reliability. Our dedicated sales, procurement, technical and after-sales teams are committed to providing you with customized offerings and exceptional service.